Welcome to Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum

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Welcome to Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum, Roatan’s working ”Tropical Eden” covering over 160 eco-friendly acres.  Here you will find uniquely spectacular tropical displayed gardens, seasonal fruit and nut orchards, the only tropical botanical “Conservatory” with a 12 ft waterfall in the Caribbean and over 70,000 heads of lettuce and herbs in a working hydroponic produce and herb farm.

Our fruit and nut orchards include over 400 mature cashew trees and a large variety of citrus fruits such as pink grapefruit, Persian and Key limes, Mango, pineapple, Noni, Carambola (also known as Star Fruit) and many more.  Recently we planted a new orchard of 900 cashew trees and have exciting plans for working with native islanders to form an island co-op for the commercialization of local cashews. In addition to our collection of exotic species of tropical fruit trees, we have acres of different varieties of Heliconias, Gingers, Orchids, Hibiscus and other beautiful tropical flowers.

Because of our eco-friendly focus we use no pesticides on our produce and herbs, and are very sensitive to our water usage and controlling the mountain run off of our island’s 144 inches of rain.  We have developed an extensive ground and drip irrigation system and built a 2,300,000 gal retaining pond to control soil erosion and pollution of the coral reef while providing the water necessary for an tropical farming operation that has a 6 month dry season.

We also have a nursery where we grow plants and flowers for sale either in the local market or for Hotels, Restaurants and Special Events.

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Our Attractions:

  • Botanical Conservatory
  • Tropical fruit orchards
  • Extensive display gardens of exotic plants and flowers
  • Blue Harbor Plantation with 70,000 heads of hydroponically grown lettuce and herbs
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Nature trails
  • Picnic tables  to sit and relax in a “Tropical Eden”
  • Bird watching
  • Duck Pond
  • Ideal location for weddings and special occasions.

We are planting the future and recalling Roatan’s heritage. 

To share the art, enjoyment and knowledge of tropical horticulture with an eco-friendly sensitivity that improves our natural resources while providing for education and research using sustainable agricultural methodologies.

Have fun, help diversify Roatan’s economic oportunities and teach those that are wanting to learn 

Our Promise:
The Arboretum has something for everyone in every season.  We will leave the land better than we found it, for generations to enjoy.

You are invited to Explore and Enjoy the tropical nature of Roatan.  Visit us Today

November – May
Monday – Friday 7AM – 2PM
Saturday 8AM – 12:00 Noon
Closed on Sundays
Open Holidays 9AM – 2PM

June – October
Wednesday & Friday 9AM – 2PM
Closed Saturday & Sunday
Any other day By appointment only