“Hidden Treasure”

We were very pleased with our experience at Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum. We have taken other tours similar to this one but were very pleased at the personal attention we received. The two most outstanding finds were the miracle berries and the whistling duck. If you are looking for a relaxing time at Roatan this is the place.

“Rare gem of the Caribbean”

If you love tropical flora and fauna, you will love this tour. We booked round trip transportation from Mahogany Bay and tours of the arboretum online. Ana promptly picked us up at the predetermined time and drove us to the site, where Orville took over the duties as tour guide. He did a fantastic job. While escorting us around the property, he was picking a variety of tropical fruits which he later served us as a snack. The varieties of plants and trees was astounding. A true nature lovers rare find. I would highly recommend this adventure.


My wife and I visited in Jan 2015. The tour of the property was definitely interesting. We learned about the history of the gardens, the owners, the plants and trees, etc. The best part was the freshly cut fruits and jam at the end of the tour! Highly recommended!


Very nice spot. We did the self guided tour. Most plants and trees are clearly marked. If you are staying on the island, be sure to buy their fresh lettuce and herbs…..yum!

“A beautiful spot”

We arrived around 10, and were thrilled to hear that we could catch up to the guided tour that had just headed out. Faviola proved to be a delightful and knowledgeable guide. The flowers, the fruit trees, the water and birds was wonderful. Getting there early is best at this time of year since the sun gets so hot by noon. Bring your camera …alongside each tree/plant is a sign with the name in both Spanish and English so you can note what you just shot, in case you forget. You will learn lots about fruits and nuts to ponder long after you leave. Samples of the fruits at the end…purchasing herbs from the hydroponic greenhouse is possible at times.

“Great place to go”

This tour is fun, informative and you even get to sample lots of island fruits and some amazing products they sell. Our rental car broke down there and they made us an almond butter sandwich with payaya jam and put a bit of rum in our smoothies. Great fun!

“A well manicure piece of paradise…in paradise”

The Arboretum was a great place to wander through all different cultivars and species of fruit trees and other plantings. We did a self-tour, but guided tours are also offered. The kids also fed the ducks and watched the agouti and iguanas. There are also hydroponic facilities on the premises that supply lettuce and greens to the islands restaurants and supermarkets, many of which we tasted while out eating around the island.

“Beautiful, Relaxing Afternoon”

We cruised on the Carnival Sunshine the end of April. We had pre-planed our excursion here because of all the great reviews. We were not disappointed. Anna picked us up outside the port and brought us to her home for $15 each giving us a commentary along the way. Once we arrived paid another $15 we were taken on an incredible walking tour of all the exotic plants by a very knowledgeable young woman. We were also warmly greeted by the pet ducks. We received free samples of many of the exotic fruits produced there. Driving back to the ship, because time allowed, Anna took us on a tour of most of the island. We would highly recommend.

“Ecool Thing”

If you want to be part of nature this is a great place combined away from the crazy life, to know more about agriculture and different types of fruit trees and one great option is that you could get your cashew seeds from the tree to your mouth and this is a great flavor as they cooked and packed at the property.

“Beautiful and Peaceful”

My friend and I took our 2 1/2 year old kids there. We got an amazing tour of the grounds which have citrus, avocado, local, and exotic fruit trees. Inside the Arboretum there are beautiful plants and ponds and even a huge water fall. It was a really nice day over all. Next door at the Hydroponic farm the workers were roasting and shelling Cashews. It was cool to get to see them do it by hand and to learn a little about the process. Love it. If you are in Roatan and want a nice, gentle relaxing thing to do: go to Blue Harbor Plantation. It’s lovely. Notes: The bathrooms are sparkling clean and really nice. The paths are laid with gravel, so you COULD get a wheelchair through, but it would be difficult… but totally do able because there are no stairs. No food for sale, but cold drinks (soda, juice, beer) are for sale.

“Beautiful Tropical Gardens”

We went out to see the gardens one afternoon and were blown away by the beauty. We live on Roatan and will be lucky enough to go and visit every couple of months and take more people to see as it is a work in progress always growing and changing for the better. This is a really great way to see the beauty of tropical plants from Roatan. Most of the plants are labeled so it is fun to read and learn each name. There is a large pond which makes the place seem so tranquil.

“Life Is Just A Tire Swing”

Heaven on earth, Blue Harbor is captivating! Simple as it sounds the first thing I noticed when we arrived was “the tire swing”, the swing brought back so many memories from childhood. I was hooked. Would definitely recommend a visit here! Time well spent in a beautiful peaceful setting with much good work in progress. I loved it!!! Would I visit again….Absolutely!


Very cool to see the process of the Hydroponic Lettuce grown here. SO fresh clean and delicious!

“Tourist And Locals Alike… Go See This Beautiful Addition To Roatan”

We had the opportunity to see this new attraction on Roatan. It is located down the Mudhole Road at the same location as the Blue Harbour Plantation Hydroponic. What an experience! The grounds are beautiful and the conservatory building was, “WOW’! When the door opens it really is a surprise to see the well tended well marked plants, the walkway, the amazing waterfall, and the unique, orchid wall!!!!! There are so many species of plant life. The orchard is full of fruits that we had never even heard of before. The Arboretum is a work in progress with more to come in the future. In the meantime tourists and locals alike should get out and see this wonderful asset to the Island…sure glad we did!!!


My daughter and I started with the hydroponics tour and like most people I’ve bought hydroponic lettuce, basil and cilantro. We all have a general idea how it’s done but to actually see it and learn about it was so amazing. I had never really thought much about lettuce before but to be surrounded by row after row of the most beautiful perfect greens I had ever seen had me wishing for a bowl and some vinaigrette. After the hydroponics tour we moved on to tour the rest of the property. Even as I think of it now I’m hard pressed to try to explain all of the amazing plants that we saw. It was like plants from a different planet…the colors, shapes and smells were not like anything I had ever seen. Flowers that looked like lobster claws and leaves that looked like they had been splattered with paint were some of my favorites. (I swear I saw the plant from the Adam’s Family).

We especially loved the waterfall, the misty pond and the wall of orchids. If they had a hammock and someone to bring us frosty drinks we would have stayed all week.

Out of all of the things we did this week on island this was our favorite. The people there were not only informative but welcoming and friendly. (it also had the nicest bathroom we saw all week)


We had a very pleasant visit to the arboretum. The facility is very well layed out and has an extensive variety of plants. This is a must see for Roatan residents as well as visitors.